Enlarge Your Trading Potential with 100%Credit Bonus on First Deposit
DCFX · 15 Dec 2022 20.3K Views

Take your opportunity with a new special offer!

“100% or up to $10,000 of credit bonus on first deposit”, an attractive offer for new consumers. Only open a real account with DCFX and create your first deposit to get a credit bonus of 100% of your first deposit amount or up to $10,000. Credit bonus will increase your trading opportunities as well as your trading earnings. 

There are no limitations and restrictions

Credit bonus able to be applied in trading with no limitations and restrictions. Traders are able to spend credit bonus freely on any instruments or products in DFCX.  All profits generated by credit bonus trades are withdrawable.

Only three steps are required to obtain a credit bonus

STEP 1 : Open a real account taking only a few minutes to complete all processes, fast and simple. 

STEP 2 : Finish your first deposit via a bank transferring or instant deposit service 24x7

STEP 3 : Receive your credit bonus 100% of your first deposit or up to $10,000,  immediately. 

A credit bonus activation link will be emailed to the customer.When the Credit Bonus is enabled, credit bonus is sent automatically to the customer's trading account.

About DCFX Group

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