How to use DCFX Copy-trade to make money

DCFX · 13 Mar 8K Views

Start Making Money at DCFX

Even without trading experience, you can copy trades from top-performed traders and earn passive income. Just 3 simple steps to make money, open a real account, deposit, and copy another trader. It's easy, right?

  • Copy from the best-performing signal provider
  • You don’t have to be an expert
  • Great way to diversify your investment portfolio
  • Pay only when your account is profitable

How to star?


Open A Real Account

Opening a real account is easy and fast, it only takes 1 min. Fulfill your personal info and verify your identity.


Fund You Account

Click “Deposit” and choose currency, then enter the deposit amount. Deposit will complete within 3 min, 24x7.


Selected Your Prefered Trader

Review the panel of Signal providers and decide who is best suited for your needs. Set up Copy-trade with your chosen Signal provider if you accept their terms. Your account will start replicating all their trades proportionally according to your preset condition.