Morning Briefing 17 Mar 2023: Sterling Rises on SVB Woes

DCFX · 17 Mar 10.5K Views

Dollar slowed as several US banks are experiencing bankruptcy, causing lower interest and spending. Gold will rise.



Euro may rise on US banking issues.

Trend ↑ 

Support : 1.05740

Resistance : 1.06356



Sterling may rise on issues in US banks.

Trend  ↑ 

Support 1.20700

Resistance 1.21270


Australian dollar rose on issues in US banking sector.

Trend ↑ 

Support : 0.69300

Resistance : 0.69920


Dollar may drop on weakening due to banking sector issues. Yen may rise.

Trend  ↓

Support 132.245

Resistance 135.077


Gold rose as safe haven alternative after US banking issues.

Trend ↑ 

Support : 1886.46

Resistance : 1936.42

Crude Oil (WTI)

Oil drop on economic sentiment. 

Trend  ↑ 

Support 65.60

Resistance 69.35

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