USDJPY Bearish on US Debt Default Effect

DCFX · 20 Nov 4.2K Views


Technical Analysis

Signal: Continuation Bullish / Upward

Demand Level: 1978.37 - 1980.38

The prediction for Gold leans towards a slight decline, but it's crucial to be vigilant about Gold's movement. Despite the current downturn being relatively short, it's essential to observe and maintain the trading plan. The possibility of this decline seems likely in the short term, followed by an eventual rise. The overall trend still indicates an upward movement. The anticipation of Gold's increase tends to overshadow the current downturn, presenting an opportunity to acquire at lower prices while waiting for this potential upturn. Today, there hasn't been any significantly impactful news.



Technical Analysis

Signal: Continuation Bearish / Downward

Supply Levels: 149.855 – 149.689

The prediction for the USD suggests a continued downward trend in the long term, presenting an opportunity for investors inclined towards the Japanese Yen. This decline is impacted by the US Debt Default and the US debt ceiling, which tend to influence the USD's decline, as well as the US Bond yields. The trend already shows a considerable downward movement, and it's essential to remain cautious during the peak of this decline, adopting a 'wait and see' approach to prevent FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and await future opportunities.



Technical Analysis

Signal: Continuation Bullish / Upward

Demand Levels: 1.23750 - 1.23907

The prediction for this Poundsterling indicates a tendency for an upward movement, suggesting strength in the Poundsterling. This aligns with the forecast that the movement is likely to continue its upward trend, indicating an opportunity worth capitalizing on and being aware of. The trend also supports an upward pattern, in a bullish trend, and the candlestick shows considerable strength in the upward movement. The prediction for today leans towards using technical analysis, and there isn't any significantly impactful news at the moment.


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