UK Housing Boosts GBPUSD, Traders Awaiting BoE Insights

Zarith Sofea · 08 Feb 10.7K Views


WTI prices continued their upward trend for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, primarily driven by a larger-than-expected fall in US fuel stocks and escalating tensions in the Middle East. Brent crude futures settled at $79.21 per barrel, marking a 0.79% increase, while US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude climbed 0.75% to reach $73.86 per barrel.

The surge in oil prices can be attributed to the unexpected decline in US fuel stocks, indicating robust demand. This positive demand outlook, coupled with geopolitical uncertainties in the Middle East, has provided strong support for oil prices. Investors are closely monitoring developments in the region, as any escalation could potentially disrupt oil supplies.

Looking ahead, traders should keep a close eye on inventory data releases, as they can significantly impact oil prices. Additionally, geopolitical events and any further comments from major oil-producing nations may contribute to increased market volatility. Considering the current bullish momentum, traders might consider maintaining a long position in oil, with caution and risk management strategies in place.


The GBPUSD pair experienced gains during the early Asian session on Thursday, primarily fueled by the rise in house prices in the UK. This positive development has led to increased market expectations that the Bank of England (BoE) is unlikely to cut interest rates in the near future. At the time of writing, GBP/USD is trading at 1.2630, marking a 0.05% gain for the day.

The scheduled speech by BoE's Catherine L. Mann on Thursday could offer further insights into the central bank's stance and influence the GBP/USD pair. Traders should pay close attention to any comments related to interest rates and economic outlook. Positive indications of a stable or improving economy may support the British Pound, while dovish remarks could lead to a reversal in the pair.

Given the current positive momentum in GBP/USD, traders might consider a long position, taking into account potential volatility surrounding central bank announcements. However, it is crucial to remain vigilant and implement risk management strategies, especially considering the inherent uncertainties in forex markets.


XAUUSD, the gold market, remains within a narrow trading band above the $2030 mark per troy ounce during the early Asian trading hours on Thursday. The yellow metal has been supported by statements from four Federal Reserve (Fed) officials, emphasizing that there is no urgent need to cut interest rates. The central bank expresses a preference for more evidence of inflation data before considering any policy action.

The safe-haven appeal of gold is further bolstered by ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Red Sea. At the time of writing, the gold price is hovering near $2,035, reflecting a 0.07% increase for the day.

Traders in the gold market should closely monitor statements from Federal Reserve officials, as any shift in monetary policy expectations could impact gold prices. Additionally, geopolitical developments, especially those influencing global risk sentiment, will continue to play a crucial role in shaping gold's trajectory.

Considering the current geopolitical uncertainties and the Fed's cautious stance, gold may remain well-supported. Traders might consider maintaining a long position in gold, while remaining attentive to any sudden shifts in market sentiment or central bank communication.

Entry Suggestions Based on Analysis:


Consider long positions given the three-day upward trend.

Monitor geopolitical developments in the Middle East for potential impact on oil prices.

Use caution and implement risk management strategies due to potential volatility.


Consider a long position in GBP/USD, driven by rising house prices in the UK.

Be attentive to BoE Catherine L. Mann's speech for potential market-moving comments.

Stay vigilant and implement risk management measures, especially around central bank announcements.


Consider maintaining a long position in gold, given the safe-haven appeal and ongoing geopolitical tensions.

Keep an eye on Federal Reserve communications for potential shifts in monetary policy expectations.

Be cautious and employ risk management strategies, considering the influence of global risk sentiment on gold prices.


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