WTI Oil Prices Ease Amid Market Tensions and Demand Concerns

Zarith Sofea · 23 Feb 10K Views


Oil prices in the Asian trading session experienced a slight dip as investors carefully assessed signals of a tightening market in contrast to lingering concerns about demand. Brent crude slipped towards $83 per barrel, following a 1.6% increase over the previous two sessions, placing prices at the upper end of a narrow range. Meanwhile, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) hovered near $78 per barrel.

The market dynamics are intriguing, with timespreads suggesting a more robust market. Additionally, the expansion of US crude inventories last week was less than anticipated, contributing to the perception of a tighter market. This is a crucial factor to monitor, as inventory levels often play a significant role in determining the balance between supply and demand.

Given the current scenario, traders might consider keeping a watchful eye on the $83 level for Brent and $78 for WTI. A decisive move beyond these levels could signal a more substantial trend. Bulls may be encouraged by the robust market indicated by timespreads and the lower-than-expected expansion in US crude inventories.

Trade Suggestion

Brent: Consider a long position if Brent breaks above $83 convincingly, targeting the $85-$87 range.

WTI: For WTI, a decisive move above $78 could be a signal for long positions, with a target in the $80-$82 range.


During the Asian session on Friday, the Japanese Yen (JPY) exhibited strength against the US Dollar, rebounding from a two-day losing streak that had led to a one-week low. The pair, USDJPY, is currently hovering around the 150.85-150.90 area, and bulls may await sustained strength beyond this level before considering fresh bets.

On the technical side, the daily chart shows positive momentum with oscillators comfortably positioned in the positive territory. However, they are still away from the overbought zone, suggesting potential room for further upside. Traders should closely monitor the 151.45 level, which, if breached, might pave the way for additional gains.

Trade Suggestion 

Consider long positions if USDJPY sustains strength above the 150.90 level, with a target at 151.45.


XAUUSD prices on Friday continued their upward trajectory, heading for their first weekly gain in two weeks. The precious metal is supported by a weaker dollar and safe-haven buying. Spot gold is currently trading at $2,026.5 per ounce, up 0.1% in the Asian session, contributing to a 0.7% gain for the week. Meanwhile, U.S. gold futures edged 0.2% higher to $2,035.5 per ounce.

Investors are closely watching for further clues on when the U.S. Federal Reserve might commence cutting interest rates. The softer dollar and safe-haven demand for gold are likely responses to the uncertainty surrounding monetary policy.

Trade Suggestion 

Consider long positions in gold if it breaks above $2,030 convincingly, with a target in the $2,050-$2,070 range.


In summary, the oil market is delicately balanced with signs of a tightening market, while the forex and gold markets are exhibiting interesting dynamics. Traders are advised to stay alert to potential breakout levels, considering long positions in oil with decisive moves above key levels and in the USD/JPY pair if sustained strength is seen. Gold, benefiting from a softer dollar and safe-haven demand, may present opportunities for long positions on a convincing break above key resistance levels.

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