EURUSD Holds Steady at 1.0820 Amid Mixed PMI Data

Zarith Sofea · 23 Feb 11.5K Views


XAUUSD prices experienced minimal movement in the Asian trading session today, maintaining their position within a recently established trading range. The prevailing sentiment in the market suggests an increasing conviction that the Federal Reserve is unlikely to implement early interest rate cuts in 2024.

As of 00:15 ET (05:15 GMT), spot gold edged up by 0.1%, reaching $2,025.80 per ounce. Simultaneously, gold futures set to expire in April also posted a modest gain of 0.2%, reaching $2,035.15 per ounce. This minor uptick follows a week in which both instruments are expected to record a cumulative gain of about 0.7%, recuperating some of the losses incurred over the past two weeks, where the market witnessed a decline of up to 4%.

The stability and marginal increase in gold prices can be attributed to the prevailing market sentiment regarding the Federal Reserve's stance on interest rates. Investors seem to have discounted the possibility of early rate cuts, providing some support to the precious metal. However, the overall market sentiment remains cautious, given the recent volatility in gold prices. Traders will closely monitor economic indicators and central bank communications for any shifts in the perceived interest rate trajectory, as these can significantly impact gold prices.

Entry Suggestion: Considering the current market sentiment, traders may look for potential long entry points in gold if prices continue to consolidate within the established range. A breakout above key resistance levels could signal further upside potential. However, it's crucial to stay informed about any updates related to Federal Reserve decisions or economic indicators that might influence market sentiment.


Oil prices faced a downward trajectory on Friday following remarks from a U.S. Federal Reserve official, suggesting that interest rate cuts should be delayed for at least two more months. Despite this, indications of robust demand and concerns over supply shortages could offer support and potentially boost prices in the coming days.

Brent crude futures were down 38 cents, or 0.5%, at $83.29 a barrel, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures slipped by 40 cents, or 0.5%, landing at $78.21. The decline in oil prices reflects the market's sensitivity to interest rate dynamics, with the delay in rate cuts acting as a bearish factor.

However, the market remains balanced, as healthy demand and ongoing concerns over supply constraints continue to provide support. The situation is dynamic, and traders should closely monitor developments in both macroeconomic factors and geopolitical events that could impact oil prices. Additionally, any updates on global supply levels, OPEC decisions, or unexpected disruptions in major oil-producing regions could significantly influence market sentiment.

Entry Suggestion: Traders may consider monitoring key support levels in oil prices. If prices stabilize or show signs of rebounding from these levels, there could be potential long opportunities. However, caution is advised, and it is essential to stay informed about factors affecting supply and demand dynamics, as well as any developments related to interest rate policies.


The EURUSD pair demonstrated a consolidation phase in the aftermath of a volatile session triggered by the release of European and US Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data on Thursday. The Euro (EUR) stabilized around 1.0820 during the Asian trading hours on Friday.

The volatility in the forex market was prompted by mixed figures concerning private business activity in the European Union (EU). As investors processed the data, the EUR/USD pair found support around 1.0820. It is essential to note that economic data releases, especially those indicating the health of the Eurozone economy, can significantly impact the Euro.

Entry Suggestion: Traders may consider monitoring key support and resistance levels in the EURUSD pair. A breakout above resistance or a bounce from support could present potential entry points. However, given the sensitivity of the forex market to economic data, staying updated on relevant indicators and central bank communications is crucial for making informed trading decisions.


In summary, the daily analysis indicates a stable but cautious market environment. XAUUSD prices are consolidating within a range, influenced by the prevailing sentiment regarding Federal Reserve interest rate decisions. Oil prices face downward pressure due to delayed rate cut expectations, but supportive factors such as robust demand and supply concerns may counterbalance the decline. The forex market, particularly the EURUSD pair, experiences consolidation after reacting to mixed PMI data, highlighting the importance of staying vigilant in response to economic indicators. 

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