What are Futures?

Futures are financial contracts in which two parties agree to exchange an underlying for a fixed price at a future date. At DC we provide CFD futures consisting of Stock Indices and Crude Oil (WTI). Stock Index is a performance indicator or measure of a country‘s economy or of an industry sector. Crude Oil (WTI) is a global commodity that trades in markets around the world.

Advantages of trading Futures with DC

  • Access global stock indices including DOW and DAX
  • Global commodity future - Crude Oil (WTI)
  • Competitive spreads and low margin requirements
  • No overnight holding cost for any open position


InstrumentSize of 1 lotGap LimitationExpiry Date
German Stock Index
25 EUR 3000 16 Dec 2021
Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
5 USD 300 16 Dec 2021
Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index
10 GBP 75 16 Dec 2021
Hang Seng Index
5 USD 300 27 Oct 2021
Nasdaq 100 Index
20 USD 7500 16 Dec 2021
5 USD 500 08 Dec 2021
Standard & Poor's 500 Index
50 USD 300 16 Dec 2021
US Light Sweet Crude Oil
1000 Barrels -- 18 Nov 2021
Trading Session (UTC+3)
DAX MON 03:11 FRI 23:00 --
DOW MON 01:01 FRI 23:57 Daily 23:16-23:30
FTSE100 MON 03:01 FRI 23:00 --
HSI MON 04:16 FRI 20:00 Daily 07:01-08:00, 11:31-12:15
NAS100 MON 01:01 FRI 23:57 Daily 23:16-23:30
NIKKEI MON 02:31 FRI 23:15 Daily 09:26-10:30
SPX500 MON 01:01 FRI 23:57 Daily 23:16-23:30
WTI MON 01:01 FRI 23:57 --

Transaction Terms and Conditions

  • 1.Each Transaction will be given a bid price with spread based on live market price.
  • 2.Hectic Market Condition - a situation when the market is in volatile conditions. In this situation, the spread will be based on the conditions of the price movement as well as the quotation submitted by the Liquidity Provider. In some cases, the stop level will also be changed. What is meant by Hectic conditions if at least one of the situations below is met, and not caused by the wrong quote, as follows:
    a.Bid or Offer only one side.
    b.Spread between Bid and Offer is more than normal spread who settled by Liquid Provider.
    c. Political news, economic news, terrorism, natural disaster, etc. could make prices hectic then as usual.
  • 3.When Hectic Market, the ability to transact may be disrupted if the banks and market makers getting slow and do not set the prices, the company has a right to make spread widen according to market condition.
  • 4.Each Transaction will be limited by maximum 50 lots.

Wrong Quote

If there is a price error (wrong quote) on the system, the company has the right to cancel the transaction that occurs with or without the consent of the customer.


Server Times: Winter: GMT+2 and Summer: GMT+3 (DST) (last Sunday of March and ends last Sunday of October).
During the time period from 23:55 to 00:05 server time increased spreads and decreased liquidity can take place due to daily bank rollover. In case of inadequate liquidity/spreads during bank rollover, widened spreads and excessive slippage may occur. Therefore orders may not be executed during these times.
Commission charge of 1 USD per lot (round turn) is applied.

Calculating Futures Margin Requirements

Account Leverage 100:1
Account base currency USD
Position Open 10 lot BUY DOW at 34,086
Maintenance Margin 1500USD per lot
Margin required is 10* 1500= 15000USD